Good Addresses

At Taravao

"Taumatai" Restaurant on the road to Afaahiti in front of SIPA 3.1 km

"Remy et Loula", Restaurant at the crossroads of the SIPA road 3 km or

"Terre Mer" Restaurant, close to the Phaeton Bay 4.9 km :

"Le Moana" Restaurant at the crossroads of the Afaahiti road at the right of the Bank of Polynesia 3.6 km

"Le Tu'ati" :

At Toahotu and Vairao 

Snack "Tavania" (only at noon), facing the firemen near the Townhall 12.5km

”La plage de Maui” Restaurant facing Notehei shop 10.3km

At Papeari

Gauguin Restaurant between Vaipahi gardens and Botanic Garden 12,1km or

Snack O Tumu Mape, (déjeuner du mercredi au dimanche) : ou

Snack O Tumu Mape, (lunch only on wednesday to friday) : or

At Faaone

Niuarii Snack on the Faaone road (only at noon, not on monday) 5 km only

If you have an adventurous spirit, you also have « roulottes » (Food trucks) along the road that offer local food at reasonable prices to eat there or to take out.

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