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Our Story

Born at Afaahiti (Tahiti) of a marquesian mother and a French doctor father, I traveled a lot with my family during my youth. After my studies, I decided to continue my travels becoming a professional dancer of Ori Tathiti and then of Oriental dance.

That took me to many different countries and made me discover different peoples and cultures. In 1989, I decided that it was time to stop hanging around and to return to my country. Therefore, I returned to Tahiti and became History and Geography teacher at Papeete, then at Hiva Oa at the Marquesas Islands before returning to Taravao.

I met my husband Tohetia, originally from the Marquesas Islands and, in 2014, we decided together to open a Guest House. I retired early from the Education Service, we imagined the plans of the project and started a new adventure.

The construction

The construction of the villas started in June 2015 but because of different reasons, the building lasted for 3 full years. Tohetia built everything with his own hands with sometimes the help of some friends, our children and myself as labor for the structural works. As far as possible, we planted the garden as the building went along.

For the choice of materials, we privileged construction wood and shingles cut and processed in Tahiti. We also chose to integrate black river stones to our project, which bring “mana” to the environment while reminding us of our marquesian origins (paepae). We also focused on the decoration of half-open bathrooms with interior gardens and kitchens open upon the terrace and the garden.

We have tried to inject a Polynesian spirit to our villas using as many objects originally from Polynesia (umete, peue, tapas …) as possible while also focusing upon luxury through the quality of the materials, individual swimming pools, modern and equipped kitchens.

The name Omati means Sun in Marquesian, that’s why our logo depicts a sun.

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We invite you to contact us for any reservation or request for information. OMATI LODGE thanks you for your trust and will reply to you as soon as possible to guide you in your efforts and best meet your expectations.

Pk 2,6, route du plateau, lotissement Rodolphe Jamet. Lot DD5598719 Taravao, French Polynesia

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